HOW TO USE THIS PAGE: The pictures on the home page hint at what’s on offer on Main Street Rosendale each Saturday afternoon for the month. For what’s on in the evenings look for a list of venues below the pictures, each linking to more information. Below that there’s a link to a list of places on Main Street serving dinner. The small pictures look like an Instagram page. Click on any one and it comes up enlarged, again like Instagram. But actually it’s a slideshow. Wait a bit and you’ll see all the pictures enlarged, in turn plus some text telling you more. A navigation bar appears below the text (on a desktop computer move your cursor there). The two short vertical bars stand for “pause” and let you stay with the present photo, left arrow returns you to the previous photo, right arrow advances you quickly to the next picture, “x” closes the slideshow. You’re in control. Have a question? Want to contact a store owner? Visit our facebook page and let fly. We’d love to hear from you. “Boondockers” and “Boon companions” is a joke on Rosendale being “the boondocks.” Boondockers are the eccentrics and artists that make Rosendale special. “Boon companions” are those living outside the town who feel a special connection to it. Let’s wear the labels proudly. And let’s, through this site, get to know one another.